What are the Check-in and Check-out times?
Check-in is 3 PM. Check-out at 11 AM.

Is the Sea Sprite Motel located on the beach?
YES, To stay any closer to the beach you would have to pitch a tent on the sand. But that's illegal. Sorry!

How far is the Sea Sprite Motel from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)?
The Sea Sprite is about 5 miles South of LAX, or 15-20 minutes drive. 

How far is the Sea Sprite From the ...?
For more on the location of other local attractions click here NEAR BY 

Is the area safe for my family?
YES, Hermosa Beach is one of the safest places in LA, but you should always practice common sense safety, just like you would at home..

Can we fish off the pier?
YES, Provided the pier is open, fishing is allowed. You do not need a permit to fish off of the pier.



Does the motel have a pool?
YES, and it's heated to warm you up after you get out of the Ocean. Please help keep the pool clean. Rinse off sand, oils, and sun lotions before using the pool.

Does the motel allow pets?
NO, we do not allow pets of any kind. Service animals are allowed.

Do you offer handicapped accessible facilities?                                                                                                                                                                        NO, as an older building and because of the architecture of our property, we are unable to provide handicap accessible facilities.

Does the Sea Sprite offer room service or a free continental breakfast?
NO, however there are over 20 different restaurants within a 5 minute walk, many also offer FREE delivery.

No room service, how about vending machines?
YES, there ia a soda machine.

Do your rooms have kitchens?
YES, all our rooms have either a Full Kitchen or a Kitchenette.

What is the difference between a Kitchenette and a Full Kitchen?
A Full Kitchen has a Stove, Oven, and Full Refrigerator, a Kitchenette only has a Microwave and a Small Refrigerator.

Does the motel have laundry facilities?
YES, the Sea Sprite has a coin operated laundry facility available from 5-10pm.

Is there an ice machine?
NO, however all the rooms have individual ice trays in their freezers.

Do the rooms have air-conditioning?
NO, our rooms do not have air-conditioning. Don't worry though, for over 30 years the ocean breeze has done just fine.

Are there nonsmoking rooms?
NO, unfortunately every room at the Sea Sprite is unique in design, therefore we do not offer nonsmoking rooms.

Do the rooms come with parking?
YES, each room receives one assigned parking spot FREE of charge.

Can I park a second car?
Absolutely NO, unless you park it on the street or in the pay lot. NOTE: The Beach house gets 2 spots.

Do the rooms have cable TV?
YES, the rooms have basic cable.

Do the rooms have DVD players?
Most of our rooms do, if not you may borrow a portable from the front desk at no charge.

Do the rooms Have Pay Per View and/or Adult Videos?
NO, this is the Sea Sprite, we have a very beautiful beach an ocean and a heated swimming pool instead.

Do the rooms have voice mail?
Yes, automated voice mail as well as automated wake up calls! Just Dial 77 on your room phone to access messages and wake up calls.

Can I access the internet from my room?
Yes, we offer WIFI access at different rates, depending on your length of stay.

Do you provide towels for the pool and the beach?
NO, just towels for in the room, better bring your own beach towels.

Do you rent bikes or beach chairs?
NO, however there are several specialty shops right around the corner from the motel, that do rent bikes skates, roller blades, surfboards, etc...



How long in advance do I need to make a reservation?
We start taking reservations 1 year in advance and that is what we recommend.

What are your low rates?
Click here for our   Rates

Do you offer discounts?
Click here to get the only discount we offer... Coupon

Can I use a credit card to pay?
YES, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Diners accepted.

What is your refund policy?
Once we receive your deposit, it will only be refunded if your room is re-rented. This will not occur until after your scheduled stay.

Do you allow parties?
NO, we are a family motel, so take your Grad and Prom Parties elsewhere!


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